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Sightlines by Megan Bohigian

Praise for Sightlines:
Megan Bohigian reminds us of the small, important things,
and her poems are filled with the sound of wind, the voices
of birds, and the forgiveness at the heart of love.
—John Bellinger, Editor, The Comstock Review
Dense with sensuality yet somehow also defiant of gravity,
the poems’ risings come from the poet’s immense compassion.
—Sasha Pimentel Chacón, Poet, Author of Insides She Swallowed
Megan Bohigian’s poems offer an inclusive and closely examined
world, reminiscent of Whitman…
—Corrinne Clegg Hales, Poet, Author of To Make it Right
Copies are available through this website and on Amazon.

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Everything We Call Ordinary by Mark Heinlein

Praise of Everything We Call Ordinary:
These monologues tell of a hard life on the edges of 21st Century America. There’s no mistaking their pain and bad luck, but there’s also no mistaking the occasional flashes of wonder lighting up this tattered landscape, with its check-cashing agencies, dollar movies and laundromats. Miracles that comprise a well-lived life.
—Joseph Millar, Poet, Author of Overtime and Blue Rust
In Everything We Call Ordinary, Mark Heinlein’s prose poems resonate with distinctive voice and vision. The narrator, a bit clumsy, a bit out of place “in a borrowed suit, which tugs across my back,” searches for a handhold in the day-to-day routine of his life. Heinlein’s introspection reveals that what seems empty, tarnished, or broken forms the cracks through which we glimpse extraordinary grace and the sweet small miracles that comprise a well-lived life. Anything but ordinary.
—Sally Ashton, Poet, Author of Some Odd Afternoon and Her Name is Juanita
Mark Heinlein is a modern-day Everyman. Through him we see the challenges and joys, the frustrations, despair, and small victories of our lives. He captures the rhythms of thought, the common, odd and tender details, and delivers moments that are arresting, poignant, memorable. He shows us “the full catastrophe.” These poems are like potato chips–I couldn’t stop reading.
—Ellen Bass, Poet, Author of The Human Line and Mules of Love
Mark Heinlein’s enthralling first book is a marvel of close observation and narrative nuance. The margin-to-margin lines of his poems stretch the seemingly mundane moments of life wide open, amplifying the hidden rhythms of our daily travails with an extraordinary intensity, making them luminous and indelible, “filled with…light, and more light.”
—Alan Soldofsky, Poet, Author of In the Buddha Factory
Copies are available from this website and on Amazon.