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Sightlines by Megan Bohigian

Megan Bohigian reminds us of the small, important things, and her poems are filled with the sound of wind, the voices of birds, and the forgiveness at the heart of love.
—John Bellinger, Editor, The Comstock Review

Megan Bohigian’s poems offer an inclusive and closely examined world, reminiscent of Whitman…
—Corrinne Clegg Hales, Poet, Author of To Make it Right



BookCover_6x9_Crate of Records

Everything We Call Ordinary
by Mark Heinlein

These monologues tell of a hard life on the edges of 21st Century America. There’s no mistaking their pain and bad luck, but there’s also no mistaking the occasional flashes of wonder lighting up this tattered landscape, with its check-cashing agencies, dollar movies and laundromats. Miracles that comprise a well-lived life.
–Joseph Millar, Poet, Author of Overtime and Blue Rust



A Crate of Records by Ian Frederick Caton

A Crate of Records is a book for anyone who ever dreamed of starting a band. With the wide-eyed wonder of a true fan, the poet’s love for music weaves its way through every moment of this collection. Reading Ian Caton’s poems is like hanging out with a pal who is giddily attempting to turn you on to some new music. The tone is conversational, passionate, and insistent, challenging us to refute his wild proclamations. Songs become portals to other dimensions, and as Bob Marley reminds us, when they hit, we feel no pain.
–Christopher Luna, Clark County (WA) Poet Laureate and founder of Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic