Past Issues



Issue 1: Inaugural Issue: Where We Begin

“When did poetry begin for you? When was it you first discovered that words could bring you joy, give comfort, sustain you, and create hope and beauty? When was it you first discovered this magic?”

Complimentary pdf: Perfume River_Issue 1_Where We Begin




Issue 2: Ars Erotica

Ars Erotica explores aesthetics of love, sex, sexuality, and intimacy and how it makes us human.

Complimentary pdf: Perfume River_Issue 2_Ars Erotica



Cover_Perfume River_Issue 3-6-19_Tourane_wordpress


Issue 3: Night Terrors

What are your fears of the dark?  What keeps you up at night–be it ghosts or hauntings in your heart?

Complimentary pdf: Perfume River Issue 3_Night Terrors



Perfume River_Issue 4


Issue 4: A New Philosophy

“I have a new philosophy: to do things less, do things smaller, to do things closer to the heart.”

Complimentary pdf: Perfume River Poetry Review Issue 4_A New Philosophy



Perfume River 5.1 Cover   Perfume River 5.2 Cover

Issue 5: Vietnam Forever

For our fifth anniversary issue, we’ve released a double issue celebrating Vietnam, my homeland, my heritage, my heroic people.

Complimentary pdf of Issue 5.1: Perfume River Poetry Review_Issue 5.1

Complimentary pdf of Issue 5.2: Perfume River Poetry Review_Issue 5.2