Welcome to Tourane Poetry Press!

Established in 2012, Tourane Poetry Press is dedicated to publishing the best in contemporary poetry.  We publish one collection of poetry per year.  Please take a look at our books and our extraordinary authors.  We also publish a journal, Perfume River Poetry Review, annually.



What is in a name?

Tourane is the French colonial name for the Vietnamese city of Đà Nẵng. Even though the name Tourane is no longer used, it has now come to represent a romanticized nostalgia for a peaceful era before war.



At this time, we are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts.  We do accept submissions for our literary journal.  Please check the Call for Submissions page for more information.

Our Theme Song

We at Tourane Poetry Press believe that every literary press should have a theme song.  Ours is “The Anthem” by Vietnamese-French artist, Onra: