Call for Submissions


bao-dai_Last Emperor of Vietnam  baodai_Young prince                            (Bao Dai, the last emperor of Vietnam)

Perfume River Poetry Review is accepting submissions for our fifth anniversary issue. For this issue, we are going back to the motherland, my homeland, Vietnam. We welcome poems that celebrate Vietnam, its culture and customs, and people–my people, brave, generous, poetic.

If you are not familiar with Perfume River Poetry Review, please take a detour to the journal webpage ( to learn more about it.  Be our guest and download a complimentary pdf of the current and past issues of Perfume River Poetry Review to familiarize yourself with our vision and the poetry for which we are looking.

For consideration for the fifth anniversary issue of Perfume River Poetry Review:

  • Send 3-5 poems related to our Vietnam theme issue.  Poems that are not relevant to the theme will not be accepted.
  • We welcome poems from Vietnamese writers, non-Vietnamese writers, writers who are Vietnamese by birth, by blood, by war, by heart. Send us original poems, translations of Vietnamese poetry, and even poems written in Vietnamese.  We ask, however, that poems in Vietnamese include translations.  (As an example, here is a poem in Vietnamese and English: Phở Poem).
  • Mailed submissions only.  We are  not open to email submissions at this point.  (However, poets from outside of  the United States are welcome to submit via email to avoid international postage charges.)  Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • Reading period open from September 1 to December 31, 2016.  Poems submitted after the deadline of December 31 will not be accepted.

Please mail submissions to:

Perfume River Poetry Review
Tourane Poetry Press
P.O. Box 36149
San Jose, CA 95118

Cảm ơn!  Thank you!  Thank you for your interest in Perfume River Poetry Review, for sharing your work, for creating poetry, art, and beauty for this world!  We look forward to reading your poems!